A Note on Unity from the CEO:

Together, we are mighty. Please don’t ever forget that basic truth. Together, we are mighty!

As I reflect on our role as a nonprofit provider of health care for patients diagnosed with kidney failure, I want the patients to know, “it doesn’t matter what you look like, or your accent, you are worthy of our very best care, and we will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve as our fellow man and woman.” That is a solemn promise, one that I am proud to say PSKC lives daily.

Globally and nationally, the things that bind us together, primarily our common humanity, are so much stronger than our differences. As humans, we all want to be respected, treated fairly, but most of all, we want to love and be loved. There is nothing more basic than that feeling of loving someone or being loved.

Regardless of the color of our skin, the way we talk, or the place we were born, we all crave the social contract of caring for each other.

When we create this type of environment where joy and peace can thrive, that is when we are at our best. When we know that we are good to people, we are able to look in the mirror with satisfaction. It has been said, “a clean conscience is the softest pillow,” and I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. When we know that we have treated people well, when we are “good” to someone, it makes us feel good inside.

So, let us all contribute to peace and prosperity for all. Every one of us has an opportunity to be part of the solution. Around the globe or in this country, looking and sounding different is something we should cherish. It’s something we should celebrate. I mean, think about it, who would want to eat the same food every night? Isn’t the variety, the different colors, tastes, and textures part of the dining experience? It’s no different with people. Let’s celebrate the various colors and sounds of our fellow man.

A celebration is in order!

Warmly and respectfully,

Harold Kelly​
President & CEO