Ensuring a legacy of quality care

Teresa Wharton has enjoyed a long and successful career leading nonprofit organizations in doing great work for the community. In 2015 she retired from Puget Sound Kidney Centers after serving 14 years as Chief Administrative Officer. Prior to that, she worked for Evergreen Recovery for 20 years where she served as Chief Executive Officer. Today, she continues her service as a board member of the PSKC Foundation and as a volunteer at her church.

Born and raised in Redmond, Washington, Teresa graduated with a degree in Human Services from Western Washington University. Through her work she met her late husband, Doug Wharton, a counselor who later transitioned to become a woodworker. Throughout their 24- year union they enjoyed life in the Everett area and, being adventurers, they traveled the world together. “Doug didn’t want me to stop traveling” Teresa shares, so post COVID, she is spreading her wings again to explore more wonders of the world.

Always the planner, Teresa is well prepared for her many adventures. While she enjoys her busy life today, she also keeps an eye on the future and has made plans to make sure the things she cares about continue beyond her lifetime. “I want some good to continue after I’m gone, and sharing what I have can help make that happen.”

To that end, Teresa named PSKC as one of her recipient beneficiaries for her estate plans. When asked, why PSKC? She shares, “I love PSKC, and kidney disease has touched so many. The whole organization has a heart for patients and a culture of patients first, so I want PSKC’s quality of care to continue until kidney disease is no more. At the Gift of Life event, I always enjoy donating to the Gift of Compassion, and a planned gift is my way of continuing that compassion.”

Thank you, Teresa, for becoming a legacy donor for PSKC! Your thoughtfulness and generosity is deeply appreciated.

Making an impact through a planned gift

A planned gift is one way you can create a lasting legacy of support for PSKC patients in the years to come. Your planned gift can help support the general mission of PSKC, or it can support a specific program that is important to you. Remembering PSKC in your estate plans can help preserve PSKC’s quality care and compassion for future generations. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a legacy donor to PSKC, please contact the Foundation Office at 425-740-2063.