Am I at risk?

Although people of all ages and backgrounds get kidney disease, some people are more at risk. If you have family members who have had the disease, have existing health problems — namely diabetes and high blood pressure — and belong to certain ethnic groups, you are more likely to get kidney disease.


Kidney Disease Risk Quiz

One in three adults are at risk of developing kidney disease. Take this short quiz and find out if you are at risk for kidney disease.

Symptoms & Risk Factors

People of certain ethnicities and people with existing health problems are more at risk for kidney disease. See symptoms of kidney disease and find out if you’re at risk.

Get Tested

If you’re at risk for kidney disease, or think you might already have it, don’t wait to get tested. Treatment can slow kidney disease down. Learn what simple tests you should ask your doctor to do to test for kidney disease.

Use the GFR Calculator

GFR helps determine what stage of kidney disease you have. Use the GFR calculator to see how well your kidneys are working.