For Patients

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease or lived with it for years, its normal to feel scared, nervous or alone. But knowledge is power and once you learn more, you’ll see there are changes you can make now to live well with kidney disease.

First, find a nephrologist – a kidney doctor – in your area, and read more about kidney disease and its treatment options. Find kidney-friendly recipes, given the seal of approval by our team of renal dietitians, and see what (free!) classes we have available for kidney patients.


Find a Kidney Doctor

A nephrologist, as an essential part of your care team, will work with you to develop a treatment plan specific to your needs.


About Kidney Disease

It’s possible to slow kidney disease down. Find out more about the disease, its symptoms and how it’s diagnosed.



Dialysis does the work kidneys can no longer do. See how dialysis works and learn about in-center and at-home dialysis.



For some people with kidney disease, a kidney transplant is the best treatment option. See if a transplant might be right for you.


Live Well With Kidney Disease

Lifestyle changes can slow kidney disease down. See who will be part of the care team supporting you, get nutrition information and find exercises for people of every fitness level.



A low-salt diet is essential for people with chronic kidney disease. Find tasty, kidney-friendly recipes — approved by our renal dietitians — you can easily make at home.



Be informed so you can make the best decisions about your health. See the (free!) classes we offer to people with chronic kidney disease in the Puget Sound community.