About Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease affects 26 million adult Americans — that’s more than one in 10 of us. However, despite its prevalence, many people don’t know what kidney disease is, what causes it or how it can affect your life.

Knowing more about the symptoms and risk factors of CKD, what to do if you think you need to get tested for it and how to keep your kidneys as healthy as possible will help you lead an active and healthy life.


What is Chronic Kidney Disease? 

Chronic kidney disease occurs when your kidneys lose function over time. Learn more about what causes the disease and how it progresses.

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What Kidneys Do

Understanding how healthy kidneys work can help you understand kidney disease. These hard-working organs filter out waste and control blood pressure, amongst other duties.


Symptoms & Risk Factors

People of certain ethnicities and people with existing health problems are more at risk for kidney disease. See symptoms of kidney disease and find out if you’re at risk.

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How to Protect Your Kidneys

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease already, belong to a high-risk group or are seemingly perfectly healthy, there are several key steps you can take to protect the life of your kidneys.

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Get Tested

If you’re at risk for kidney disease, or think you might already have it, don’t wait to get tested. Treatment can slow kidney disease down. Learn what simple tests you should ask your doctor to do to test for kidney disease.