Find a Kidney Doctor

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If you’ve recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, finding a good nephrologist – a kidney doctor – is a must. A nephrologist is a kidney expert who will work with you to manage your kidney disease, develop a care plan that works for you and provide information on how to live well with kidney disease. See nephrologists we work with regularly, get tips on how to choose a nephrologist and find questions to ask at your first appointment.

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How to choose a nephrologist

1. Ask your primary care physician.
Your doctor might have relationships with local nephrologists and be able to recommend one for you.

2. Ask your friends and family.
Getting a recommendation from a close person you trust is also a good place to start.

3. Do an online search.
Find nephrologists and read online bios.

4. Check your insurance.
Once you select a nephrologist, call their office to see if they accept your insurance before you go to see them.

5. Reflect after your first few appointments.
Make sure you’re happy working with your nephrologist and are confident he/she can help implement the best care plan for you.

Questions to ask your nephrologist

Is there anything I can do to slow my kidney disease down?

In short, yes! Diet and exercise play a key role in kidney disease. Following a kidney-friendly diet and exercising regularly can help you feel better ­and help slow your kidney disease down. To start, find nutrition information and exercise tips to work into your daily life and speak to your nephrologist about how to adapt these for your personal needs.

How often will we meet?

Most kidney patients see their nephrologist about once a month but it’s best to ask your nephrologist about your meeting plan at your first appointment.

What are my treatment options?

Your nephrologist will be able to explain the treatment options that are available to you. This could mean dialysis, either hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, or a kidney transplant. Explain your needs to your doctor – for example, if you’d like to work or travel while undergoing treatment – and your doctor can let you know what treatments might work best. Before your first appointment, find out more about dialysis and kidney transplant so you know the basics when you sit down to talk things over.

Can I keep working while on dialysis?

Many patients are able to fit dialysis treatments around their work schedule. If it’s a flexible dialysis schedule that’s important to you, home dialysis might be your best option. If working is important to you, make sure to mention this to your nephrologist at your first appointment.

The kidney diet seems really tough. Do I have to follow it so strictly?

Most likely, yes. But, a low-salt diet doesn’t have to mean low-taste. There are plenty of kidney-friendly recipes you can try that taste good and adhere to your diet.

I feel overwhelmed. Are there any support groups or other resources for kidney patients?

Yes! We offer Support Groups at all of our centers. Some meet monthly, while others meet quarterly. The groups are hosted by one of our social workers and a member of The Road Back to Life, a nonprofit organization founded by former Puget Sound Kidney Centers patients who provide mentoring and peer support. The groups address a variety of topics, including transplant, home dialysis and adjustment, and are an excellent source of information for people new to dialysis. Our Everett support group has also started an Arts and Crafts Group comprised of in-center and home patients who meet monthly to chat and design projects, some of which have sold in local fairs. Please contact us at 425-259-5195 to learn more or ask your nephrologist for other support groups you could join.

First NameLast NameOrganizationCityZIPPHONE
AbbalKoiralaUniversity of WashingtonSeattle98104206-744-8998
AhmadMahallatiVirgina Mason Medical CenterSeattle98111206-223-6673
AliceChangKaiser PermanenteSeattle98112206-326-3587
AmalaPamarthyWestern Washington Medical GroupEverett98203425-258-6801
AndrewSomlyoThe Polyclinic Madison CenterSeattle98104206-860-2206
AndrewWeissVirgina Mason Medical CenterSeattle98111206-223-6673
AnnePensensonThe PolyclinicSeattle98104206-860-5575
AnnemarieDooleyPacific NephrologyTacoma98405253-627-5755
AnupamaNairKaiser PermanenteSeattle98109206-744-8998
ArthurAndersonUniversity of WA Medical CenterSeattle98116206-744-8998
AstierAlemEastside Nephrology Kirkland98034425-899-5111
BernadetteThomasSeattle NephrologyShoreline98133206-542-1000
BruceO'NeillThe Polyclinic Madison CenterSeattle98104206-860-2308
Chia-JenKuanNorth Sound Kidney PhysiciansEverett98274425-257-1100
ChristineHsuKaiser PermanenteSeattle98104206-860-5575
ChristopherBurtnerMemorial NephrologyOlympia98503360-413-8121
CyrusCrystVirgina Mason Medical CenterSeattle98201206-223-6673
DavidCharneyKaiser PermanenteSeattle98104206-326-3587
DiZhaoPacific NephrologyTacoma98405253-627-5755
DonaWuVirginia MasonSeattle98101206-223-6673
EmilyHuangWestern Washington Medical Group - NephrologyEverett98133425-258-6801
Eugenede GuzmanSkagit Regional HealthMt Vernon98273360-428-2550
FionnualaCormackHarborview- University of WA Medical CenterSeattle98111206-744-8998
GenghisNavarroKaiser PermanenteSeattle98122206-861-8550
HoWonLeePacific NephrologyTacoma98405253-627-5755
IPanSnohomish Kidney InstituteEverett98201425-339-5413
IlanZawadzkiKaiser PermanenteSeattle98112206-326-3587
JamshidHonariKaiser PermanenteSeattle98201206-326-3587
JillianHansenKaiser PermanenteSeattle98122206-326-3000
JosephBonnMt. Baker NephrologyBellingham98225360-734-9233
JuneHePacific NephrologyTacoma98405253-627-5755
JungJohSeattle Nephrology & EndocrinolgyShoreline98004206-542-1000
KathrynTreitThe PolyclinicSeattle98104206-860-5575
KatrinaCarliSnohomish Kidney InstituteEverett98201425-339-5413
KimberlyMuczynskiUW Medical CenterSeattle98104206-598-6267
LarryMossMount Baker Nephrology AssociatesBellingham98225360-734-9233
LeahHaseleyUniversity of WashingtonSeattle98104206-744-8998
LinLiCascade Kidney SpecialistsBellevue98004425-453-8406
LisaNakamotoThe Polyclinic Madison CenterSeattle98104206-860-4478
LuisBent-ShawMt. Baker NephrologyBellingham98225360-734-9233
MadhuriKandalaCascade Kidney SpecialistsBellevue98004425-453-8406
MariaSalazarVirginia MasonSeattle98101206-223-6673
MarkGunningWestern Washington Medical Group - NephrologyEverett98104425-258-6801
Mary LotfiMount Baker Nephrology AssociatesBellingham98225360-734-9233
MatthewNovakSkagit Regional HealthMt Vernon98273360-428-2550
MatthewRivaraUniversity of WashingtonSeattle98104206-221-6911
MaureenTanumihardjaKaiser PermanenteEverett98201425-261-4486
MichaelShannonUniversity of WashingtonSeattle98104206-248-5511
MichaelSuttersVirgina Mason Medical CenterSeattle98111206-223-6673
MichaelVaughanKaiser PermanenteSeattle98112206-326-3587
MollyMullenKaiser PermanenteIssaquah98029425-369-1342
NatashaVanchinathanKaiser PermanenteTacoma98405253-596-3300
NoemieJuaireSnohomish Kidney InstituteEverett98201425-339-5413
OliverTaiSnohomish Kidney InstituteEverett98201425-339-5413
ParampreetGhumanNorth Sound Kidney PhysiciansEverett98104360-982-2129
PhillipKingCascade Kidney SpecialistsBellevue98201425-453-8406
RajnishMehrotraUW Medical CenterSeattle98104206-744-4933
RamonAñelLakewoodGig Harbor98332253-272-5881
RexOchiThe Polyclinic Seattle98104206-860-2286
RobinMauerSnohomish Kidney InstituteEverett98201425-339-5413
RoshnyGeorgeMemorial NephrologyOlympia98506360-413-8121
SarahLaiVirginia MasonSeattle98101206-223-6673
SawMuSeattle NephrologyShoreline98133206-367-5252
SethThalerMemorial Nephrology Associates PLLCOlympia98506360-413-8121
SharonTugwellUniversity of WashingtonSeattle98104206-744-3622
ThaoPascualSnohomish Kidney InstituteEverett98201425-339-5413
WanwaratAnanthapanyasutSkagit Regional HealthMt Vernon98273360-428-2500
WinKyawSeattle Nephrology & EndocrinolgyShoreline98133206-542-1000
YoshioHallUniversity of WashingtonSeattle98104206-744-8998
Young HoKimPacific NephrologyTacoma98405253-627-5755
ZhengGePacific NephrologyFederal Way98003253-661-6200