Your Care Team

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you’ve been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. But you are not alone — we are here to help you every step of the way.

Your Puget Sound Kidney Centers care team includes a whole host of experts that make sure you get the best kidney care. From nephrologists to dietitians to social workers and more, we are here to help you manage your care both in and out of the clinic.

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A nephrologist is a doctor who is an expert in kidney care. While not a direct employee of Puget Sound Kidney Centers, your nephrologist works closely with all care team members. If you have chronic kidney disease, you will likely meet with your nephrologist once a month. Search our database to find a nephrologist near you.



A registered nurse will oversee your dialysis treatments. Your nurse will take your vital signs, including your temperature and blood pressure, and give you your medications and advice on staying healthy. Your nurse talks to your kidney doctor often to make sure you get the best treatment every day.

dialysis technician

Dialysis technician

A dialysis technician works alongside a nurse to set up and monitor your treatment while you are in the center. A technician will set up the dialysis machine, start and stop treatment and make sure you are comfortable. Puget Sound Kidney Centers’ dialysis technicians are well-trained, compassionate individuals who work with our nurses to provide the very best care.



Our dietitians, who are experts in kidney health, review your lab tests every month. They look at your current diet and talk with you and your family about how to eat to stay healthy and active. Your dietitian can tell you how much sodium and other minerals you can have each day, provide general nutrition advice and suggest delicious, kidney-friendly recipes.

renal social worker

Social workers

Our social workers work with you to find the right community support. They can help you and your family adjust to chronic kidney disease and dialysis. If you’re wondering how to balance treatment and family life, if you can continue working and where you can find other types of support, get in touch with your social worker.

benefit coordinator

Benefits and billing team

The financial side of medical care can be confusing. Our benefit coordinators work with you to make sure you have the best medical insurance for dialysis. They will talk with you about other programs that help with insurance for people on dialysis and do their best to help you avoid any financial hardship.

Contact us at 425-259-5195 for more information about your care team.