Kidney-friendly recipes

Herbs De ProvenceMakes a great seasoning for grilled meats, fish, oven roasted chicken and vegetables.
Taco SeasoningLow on salt, but not on flavor. Perfect for your delicious tacos!
Holiday Herb StuffingThis herb stuffing is low in sodium, full of flavor and easy to prepare. It’s a recipe you will want on your table this year and every year during the holidays!
Mini FrittatasThese flavorful frittatas can be made ahead; just reheat in the microwave for a quick breakfast, snack or appetizer.
Fruit PizzaA berry delight that’s simple to make and beautiful to serve, this fruit pizza also happens to be diabetes-friendly and kidney-healthy.
Chili Lime Dip with VeggiesGive those veggies something to cheer about! This spicy lime dip is perfect for carrots, celery, cucumbers and other raw vegetables.
Asian SlawA side with a crunch, this Asian slaw works well with just about any main dish.
Amazing MeatloafA great mix of herbs, vegetables and beef, you won’t even notice the low-salt twist on this classic dinner.
Apple Cranberry CobblerA delicious after-dinner treat, the only tough part about cooking this cobbler is deciding whether you should keep it all for yourself or share it with friends.
Thai Shrimp KebabsA lighter dinner option, these tasty kebabs will be a hit at barbecues all summer long.
Lemon LoafThis zesty dessert is light and bright, perfect to cap off a summer evening.
Slow Cooker Chicken StockPackaged chicken stock often has way too much salt. Use this recipe to make your own tasty, kidney-friendly stock.
Overnight WafflesA little prep at night and a lot of taste in the morning — these waffles are sure to be a hit.
Tuna SaladTuna is an age-old staple, perfect for a lunch at home or to pack up and take on the go. Try this simple recipe for a classic tuna salad that stands the test of time.
Lemon Basil PestoLemon basil pesto is a vibrant alternative to traditional pesto. This fresh herb puree is a wonderful spread, or fantastic alongside chicken, fish, and pasta.
Cucumber Lemon WaterRegular hydration is a vital part of maintaining good health, but many people struggle to drink enough water daily. Try this refreshing cucumber lemon water to add zest to your water glass.
Chimichurri SauceThis quick and easy sauce is a wonderful addition to any summer meal. Originating from South America this sauce is full of flavor and perfect for grilled vegetables, steak, chicken or fish.