How Your Gifts Help

staff patient interaction in a dialysis center

Many people living with end-stage renal disease face overwhelming challenges physically, emotionally and financially. In fact, over half of the patients at Puget Sound Kidney Centers are in need of financial aid.

Your support of PSKC through the Puget Sound Kidney Centers Foundation is truly appreciated. You and others like you help preserve PSKC’s services for more people in need every day and we can’t thank you enough for that. Watch a video to learn more about Puget Sound Kidney Centers, and continue reading below to see the incredible impact your gift will make.

What your gift can provide


$15 – vitamin supplements for 3 months

$50 – nutritional supplements for 3 weeks

$100 – protein powder for 4 months

$250 – high calorie drink for 4 months

$500 – Cost of set up for one patient

Your impact

Your charitable donations support a number of critical areas at Puget Sound Kidney Centers. From patient care to improving our facilities, your gift is truly that — a gift that helps better the circumstance and setting for our patients.

Charity care

Your donations support our charity care program, which helps ensure quality treatment and care for patients with limitations on their ability to pay.

Education & outreach

Your donations support education and outreach in the community and provide valuable kidney disease prevention education and resources.

Facilities & equipment

Your donations enable continuous improvement of PSKC facilities and equipment to ensure exceptional up-to-date care.

Professional development for staff

Your donations support the education, professional development and training of PSKC staff.

Priority needs of PSKC

Your donations to the foundation’s general fund address a broad spectrum of needs across PSKC and ensure that emerging priorities are responded to in a timely and effective manner.

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Hear from our patients

Because of the support of the Puget Sound Kidney Foundation and its many donors, our patients are able to receive the very best treatment in the most comfortable setting, with minimal stress or financial burden. Patients who receive financial aid and support from donors like you are incredibly grateful.

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Vital support from donors

The Puget Sound Kidney Centers Foundation wouldn’t be here without the support of many donors. You decide the best way you can help support kidney care in our community — be it a monthly or annual donation or setting up a legacy gift. Here’s why some of our donors choose to give back to such a special cause:

pskc donor susan


“How gratifying it is for me to witness the well-trained, dedicated staff providing exemplary care to the patients at our modern, well-equipped Puget Sound Kidney Centers.”

pskc donors marge and art

Art & Marge

“We’re happy to help. I’m so impressed with the care provided by Puget Sound Kidney Centers. Every patient I talk to says the staff are just wonderful and so caring.” –Marge

pskc donor jane


“Kidney disease is a growing issue that affects many people and we need to be more aware of the disease and its impact on people.”